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Cragmaw Hidout Markup

Cragmaw Hideout Markup

1. Cave Mouth - This is where you started up the hill to hideout and encountered Kobolds

"Following the goblins’ trail, you come across a large cave in a hillside five miles from the scene of the ambush. A shallow stream flows out of the cave mouth, which is screened by dense briar thickets. A narrow dry path leads into the cave on the right-hand side of the stream."

2. Goblin Blind - Traveling around the forest cover and arriving in the area, you fought more Kobolds here. You then entered into the caves proper

"On the east side of the stream flowing from the cave mouth, a small area in the briar thickets has been hollowed out to form a lookout post or blind. Wooden planks flatten out the briars and provide room for guards to lie hidden and watch the area—including a pair of goblins lurking there right now!"

3. Kennel - This was the room with the three wolves that you freeded before leaving to head back to town

"Just inside the cave mouth, a few uneven stone steps lead up to a small, dank chamber on the east side of the passage. The cave narrows to a steep fissure at the far end, and is filled with the stench of animals. Savage snarls and the sounds of rattling chains greet your ears where three wolves are chained up just inside the opening. Each wolf’s chain leads to an iron rod driven into the base of a stalagmite."

4. Steep Passage - You took this path on the next session to the cave where Yeemik and Sildar where. Also, this is the path that Yeemik took when leaving the hideout

"The main passage from the cave mouth climbs steeply upward, the stream plunging and splashing down its west side. In the shadows, a side passage leads west across the other side of the stream. In the shadows of the ceiling to the north, you can just make out the dim shape of a rickety bridge of wood and rope crossing over the passage ahead of you. Another passage intersects this one, twenty feet above the floor."

5. Overpass - This is where you saw the Kobold sleep and attacked him but missed. He then headed east into the Tiwn Pools Cave to warn the others

"The stream passage continues up beyond another set of uneven steps ahead, bending eastward as it goes. A waterfall sounds out from a larger cavern somewhere ahead of you."

6. Goblin Den - This where Yeemik and 5 other Kobolds were holding Sildar

"This large cave is divided in half by a ten-foot-high escarpment. A steep natural staircase leads from the lower portion to the upper ledge. The air is hazy with the smoke of a cooking fire, and pungent from the smell of poorly cured hides and unwashed goblins."

7. Twin Pools Cave - This is where the two damns of water was being held and there were 3 Kobolds here

"This cavern is half filled with two large pools of water. A narrow waterfall high in the eastern wall feeds the pool, which drains out the western end of the chamber to form the stream that flows out of the cave mouth below. Low fieldstone walls serve as dams holding the water in. A wide exit stands to the south, while two smaller passages lead west. The sound of the waterfall echoes through the cavern, making it difficult to hear."

8.Klarg's Cave - This is Klarg's lair where you recovered the merchant supplies, discovered the chimney which lead down to the kennel area and found Klarg's treasure

"Sacks and crates of looted provisions are piled up in the south end of this large cave. To the west, the floor slopes toward a narrow opening that descends into darkness. A larger opening leads north down a set of natural stone steps, the roar of falling water echoing from beyond. In the middle of the cavern, the coals of a large fire smolder."

Leaving the caves and onward to Phandalin

You loaded up the merchant supplies and what was left of Klarg's treasure onto you wagon that was still outside of the caves. After securing yourload, you journed on and came to Phandalin with incident.